Develop & Deepen Your Intuition

Ever have gut feelings and want to build on them? Or have you had intuitive pings - messages you’ve felt, seen, heard inside and want more? Maybe you want to work with the fear, doubt or insecurity you get around your messages. Or maybe you want to know how to get grounded so you can avoid getting distracted from your inner guidance system. Wherever you’re at this is the course for you:

    1. Let's Talk About Our Intuition!

    2. Guided Meditation: Let's Connect To Our Intuition!

    3. Tools That Will Support Your Intuition

    1. Getting Into Your Body: Grounding & Raising Energy

    2. Why It's Important to Learn to Manage Your Emotions

    3. Guided Meditation: RAIN - Four Steps For Managing Emotion

    4. How To Manage Fear, Doubt & Insecurity

    5. Where Do Our Intuitive Messages Come From?

    6. Guided Mediation: Meet Your Spirit Guides

    7. Here's What I Learned About Intuition By Creating This Course

Introductory discount!:

  • $79.00
  • 10 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • 3 guided meditations - revisit anytime

Develop Your Intuition And Advance Your Spiritual Journey

I’ll share my intuition story, recommend tools for you to test drive, and help you go deeper with guided meditations so you can improve your connection to your inner navigation.